Welcome to London Harmonica School

The London harmonica school is a place to learn diatonic harmonica (10 holes). The students will learn in an interactive small group of the same level. The session will last a term (10 weeks).
A new session start every term (September, January, April). At the end of each session, the school is organising a concert and every students play a selection of songs with a professional band.
The school is open to everyone, from the age of five.


The London harmonica school is more than a place to learn harmonica. It’s a place to socialise, interact with others and share your passion about harmonica and music.

The goal of the school is to give to every students the key to develop their own style of playing harmonica. It’s also a place where they will learn how to play with other musicians.

During the year, the students will have access to different harmonica workshops and to a blues jam every Thursday.

The next term start on Saturday 23rd September 2017